A4 Adhesive Label Templates

Browse blank A4 templates for all of our standard 210 x 297mm sheet sizes. We offer all of our templates in PDF and Microsoft Word formats, easily for you to edit.

Word Template (.doc)PDF Template (.pdf)Label WidthLabel HeightAvery Compatible Code
1 To View1 To View199.6mm289.1mmL7167
2 To View2 To View199.6mm143.5mmL7168
3 To View3 To View
4 To View4 To View99.1mm139mmL7169
6 To View6 To View99.1mm93.1mmL7166
8 To View8 To View99.1mm67.7mmL7165
10 To View10 To View99.1mm57.3mmL7173
12 To View12 To View63.5mm72mmL7164
14 To View14 To View99.1mm38.1mmL7163
16 To View16 To View99.1mm33.9mmL7162
18 To View18 To View63.5mm46.6mmL7162
21 To View21 To View63.5mm38.1mmL7160
24 To View24 To View63.5mm33.9mmL7159
40 To View40 To View45.7mm25.5mm
65 To View65 To View38.1mm21.2mmL7651